Member Spotlight

Julie DePaulo

Hi, my name is Julie DePaulo, and I’m currently the president of the Central Ohio Chapter of the Fulbright Association. I’m originally from Wooster, Ohio, and currently reside in Columbus with my two cats and plant friends.

I received a Fulbright Fellowship for graduating seniors in 2006 while a student at Ohio University. After receiving my degree in World Religions with a minor in Japanese and an East Asian studies certificate, I made my first trip abroad to Kumamoto, Japan thanks to my Fulbright award. I spent a year at Kumamoto University where I continued my Japanese studies while having a life-changing experience by immersing myself in Japanese culture. From visiting Japanese castles and Shinto shrines to spending countless hours at karaoke and in arcades, I learned so much about the culture while learning even more about myself. I feel very fortunate to have been given the unique opportunity to become an adult overseas, learning to fend for myself completely in an entirely foreign environment while continuing to develop into someone who could overcome any obstacle.


After moving to Columbus in 2016, I joined the Fulbright Association in 2019 in order to make new friends, have new experiences with other Fulbright members, and to enjoy cross cultural sharing. So far I have made two very dear friends from Turkey and North Macedonia through the association, as well as new contacts in Ohio, and I hope to make more in the coming years. I especially look forward to holding in person events again once the weather and the pandemic have gotten better.