Hi y’all – Dianne Morrison-Beedy here and I am the current treasurer for our Ohio Fulbright organization. I am very grateful to have received three Fulbright Awards – my first in Paris, France as a Fulbright International Education Administrative awardee, my second as a Research Scholar in Edinburgh, Scotland and my last as a Fulbright Specialist in Oslo, Norway. I’ve attached links to a few blogs on those experiences in case you’d like to get a glimpse into those opportunities. In addition to the work conducted during each of those awards, I think one of the best outcomes of those global experiences were the ongoing relationships I have built with colleagues around the world. Many of those were direct connections at the host institutions but even more through introductions to other coworkers, friends, and collaborators. My world has grown, both personally and professionally, through Fulbright. It also led me to my current position as Chief Global Strategy Officer at The Ohio State University College of Nursing – so be ready as you never know where a Fulbright can take you!

Joining and participating in our Ohio Fulbright Association can do the same thing for you- expand your network and connect you to like-minded global citizens who have the same passion for the transformational power of a Fulbright “making people out of nations”. We would love for you to share how you have transformed your classroom, your research, your business, or practice by making the “foreign familiar”. Your Fulbright experience exposed you to strange or unfamiliar experiences that you made, not only recognizable in your world view, but integrated into it.  We can’t wait to hear about your journey!